DJI Spark Quadcopter Drone


DJI Spark Quadcopter Drone

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DJI SPARK BANNERProduct overview

• Exciting DJI drone with Full HD camera
• Fly at up to 31 miles per hour (in sport mode)
• Maximum flight time of up to 16 minutes
• Use gestures and hand motions to control your drone
• Two-axis mechanical gimbal
• Compatible with MicroSD cards up to 64GB (Class 10 required)
• Without a permit, the legal range for a drone to fly is below 120m and always in the line of sight from the operator

Great value, feature packed drone

The DJI Spark is a slimmed down drone, making flying more accessible to everyone. Despite it being an entry level drone, it is still packed with fantastic features. A Full HD camera will record at 1920x1080p directly onto a MicroSD card. The 12-megapixel camera, with single shot and burst shooting modes, can take brilliant quality still photographs too. The Spark can take a memory card of up to 64GB to make sure that you make the most out of your drone’s camera.

Intelligent flight modes

The Spark has the same smart, reliable intelligent flight modes that you will find in DJI’s high end drones. ActiveTrack allows you to stay on target, as the drone will automatically recognise different shapes and sizes and will then track them, basing this on what they are and how fast they move. TapFly mode allows you to tap on your phone screen and your drone will fly in the direction that you have tapped, avoiding any obstacles in its way. Gesture recognition allows you to take selfies with hand motions. Raise your arms or wave, even make a frame with your fingers, and you can manoeuvre your Spark and take photos. With Palmcontrol you can get the Spark to follow your hand movements, take off or even land, in the palm of your hand.

High quality camera 
The 1.2/3-inch CMOS sensor and 81.9-degree field of view give you a shooting range from two metres, to as far as you can see. The Spark has an ISO range for shooting still photographs of 100-1600, and of 100-3200 for shooting video, with an electronic shutter speed of 2-1/8000s. The two-axis mechanical gimbal will control both pitch and roll for greater image stabilisation.

Fantastic shooting modes

The DJI Spark has brilliant shooting modes for both still photography and video. Shoot panoramas, horizontally and vertically, by automatically adjusting the gimbal and heading in Pano mode. Use the Shallowfocus mode to use the Sparks 3D technology to create photos with a shallow depth of field. Using Quickshot you can take videos with just a tap. You can use this mode to shoot brilliant video footage with cinematic composition. Rocket mode will ascend with the camera pointing downwards, whereas Dronie will fly backwards and upwards, with the camera locked on to the specific subject. Circle mode will circle around your target and Helix mode will fly upwards and spiral around your subject.

Packed full of DJI features

Featuring DJI’s Sport Mode, the Spark can take advantage of quicker acceleration, reaching a maximum ascent speed of three metres per second, and a top speed of 31 miles per hour (50kp/h). This drone also takes advantage of the DJI Auto Landing mode, which will automatically land your drone, up to a maximum descent speed of three metres per second. The Spark features the DJI 3D sensing system, which gives you an obstacle sensing range of up to sixteen feet. This means that you drone will sense obstacles that are larger than 20×20 centimetres, in its path, up for five metres away.

Box Contains

1 x Spark
Propeller Pair
Intelligent Flight Battery
Micro USB Cable
Storage Box


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